Work on reading, spelling and word recognition.

This is a good app for language and will build confidence as the user can explore their reading, spelling and word recognition skills.

It can take some time for learners to get to grips with words which are spelled the same way but differ in meaning, and this app will definitely help.

Say Word is a good app for reading, spelling and correct use of homonym (words that are spelled the same but have different meanings).  For example a dog’s bark, and the bark of a tree.

It has no guide to help, other than exploring the app and seeing how everything works. This is not a negative as this in itself offers the user to put their detective skills to the test, but it really is very easy to navigate.

This will build your confidence with reading and language skills, and ability to use the correct word and spelling depending on context.  IMG_0251

The app opens to the home screen with the 76 levels.  Start at level 1 and work your way through them all, build up your score (located top right of screen), grade card, and stickers, simply by progressing from level to level.  Replay as often as you want – a handy practicing tool.

It is fairly basic but worth the free option at least – only the first 11 levels are free, but you can purchase the full 76 levels View In iTunes