Quick Fractions


This is a very useful app for putting your fraction skills, or lack of, to the test and you will soon realise if you need more practice.  With quick fire questions, this app will put you to the test, and the timer makes it more fun as you compete with yourself and get to grips with the various aspects.

You can test your skills on equivalence, comparison, addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division.  There are various levels to test yourself, from beginner, intermediate, advanced and extreme.

This is a great app for practicing your fraction skills. It really puts your fraction knowledge and mental maths ability to the test. The timer feature is also good as it challenges you to beat your own personal best, and this is logged in a graph so you can easily monitor your progress.

You can replay as often you want and you are awarded start in each level (depending how well you do,) then progress to the next level.

Graphics in this app are pretty basic but adequate and writing the answers on the screen is quick and easy too.

I really enjoyed this app, and it brought out the competitive side in me.  I challenged my friends to beat my personal best and we all had a good laugh playing it.  Also, very worthwhile for students.  They will forget they are doing school work, or homework.

A good-fun app, worth the small price tag.  It is available on iOS, priced £2.29 – 11/09/15*


*prices subject to change