This week we bring you the virtual collaborative whiteboard – Baiboard.

This is a great app for collaborating with groups – teacher and students, students and students, teachers and teachers.

With the use of the virtual whiteboard it allows users to work together, share ideas, and instant message.

It is great for communicating with one another whether in the same room, different room or even different area, and multiple users can be working on the same board simultaneouslyScreenshot 2015-11-13 00.19.14.  Users create a board and add content – simples!

There are options to type or write, or add photo’s or drawings to your board which is great for creating.

You can also create PDF documents. Both [boards and PDF documents] can also be exported via email, Dropbox, Evernote, and Facebook.

The easy to understand icons at the top of the board offer a guide, if needed, but the app is very straightforward and I think everyone will manage with ease.

It is a fantastic app and even more fantastic that it is free.

Go get it! And tell your friends/teachers – the benefits for the classroom are endless.