Have you tried teaching someone how to tell the time?

Well we have all been there; whether it was a teacher or parent or the old lady next door, we have all done it.

Jungle Time is a useful app which would have made it so much more fun, and with nice graphics, and a great way for the youngsters to learn how to tell the time. It is a great tool for teachers and parents alike – or even the old lady next door – to start the process of teaching their children and pupils the age-old-art of telling the time.

It opens to the home screen with a big clock and number slider – you are ready to begin straight away.  The settings menu is in the top left where you can personalise the game and have multiple users.  You can personalise each user, change the animals and check the user progress.JungleTime

It is very easy to use, and appealing for youngsters.  The animals are a great function and the little ones will really enjoy them.

You can get if for iOs and is priced at £2.29*

*correct at time of publication