Ansel and Clair – Little Green Island

This is a fun engaging app where players are the owner of their own island and they have to fix various environmental problems – from oil spills to clearing up rubbish – and earn Green Bucks, then you can buy things from the market like trees for your island.  Up to 4 accounts can be created so it is good fun for multiple players.  There are 18 levels, and once all are completed the island is picturesque and natural.

It is a creative way for learning about science and beneficial for literacy skills too.  This app is also good for thinking and reasoning skills, plus making the correct choices as a responsible citizen.

This app is easy to follow with instructions to help players along the way – visual and audio.  Being in charge of your own island is a fun way of learning and engaging players with their own environment, and the problems ofIMG_0283 real world pollution.

A fun, engaging, interactive way to get kids involved in ecology learning and aware of their own environment.

Reasonably priced @ £2.29*

*correct at time of publication