Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker, by MH Riley Ltd.  Available on ALL platforms.

Do you need to keep track of your finances?? Don’t we all!

We discovered this app on our app busting days and thought we’d share it with you.

Have you ever wanted to know what’s what with your spending without constantly logging into your digital banking or waiting on monthly statements?  Spending tracker an app developed by MH Riley Ltd, and enables you to keep track of those day-to-day expenses without constantly checking your bank balance.

And it’s simples too; all you have to do is add your income and expenditure and this handy little app will keep note of it all. You even have the option of simplifying it by using the categories, or adding your own.

The colourful graphs are helpful for seeing where all your money is being spent as it categorises it all for you: whether its shopping, the car or the kids, you will be drawn to the culprit at a glance. Great for helping you save those pennies too.


Did we mention it’s  FREE??? Check out the great reviews and get it downloaded.  It’s  definitely worth a try.