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How are you developing pupils' digital skills?

Digital skills development is a top priority for all of us

The robots really are coming now…

We are checking ourselves in at airports and checking ourselves out at supermarkets…

Think how many jobs have already been replaced by technology. Then think about digital tech like Apple’s Siri and the potential for further development in that sphere to replace reception services, call centres and helpdesks. 

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We cannot currently meet demand for digital skills in today’s workplace. We need to ensure that our children are prepared and we need to start urgently. Our STEM workshops and Digital Ninjas sessions focus on digital skills.





Independent, platform agnostic guidance and support for school and college leadership teams.

We can help you to develop a digital learning and teaching strategy and culture. We will give honest advice to help you achieve your goals.

Professional Development

Bespoke teacher training programmes delivered on-site including INSET days, one to one support and co-teaching. 

*We can invoice individual schools who crowd-fund our support.

Staff digital skills audits

Teaching with Technology Skills Audits provide an insight into current knowledge and confidence of staff. This helps you to develop a strategy that works.

Learning Festivals

School hosted curriculum themed activity days for staff and pupils of all ages. STEM, robotics, digital media, Minecraft, cyber security or we work with you to innovate ideas unique to your needs.

Digital Learning for pupils

Our popular Digital Ninjas projects see us working in school with pupils: coding and robotics, school website development, digital film-making, tech help for staff or a curricular-themed/BGE topic packed with digital activities.

Some have said their TA lessons are their favourite time of the week. They're probably the favourite part of our week too. 

Support Packages

Make a real impact with a sustained package of support for your school/college/local authority: bronze, silver, gold and platinum options available.

Use for any of our services and let us help you develop a considered digital learning and teaching strategy. 

Get in touch anytime, even if you don't know what you need but you know you need some kind of help.

Support Packages

Discounted blocks of our time, experience and digital expertise for anything you need

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6 half days support

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15 half days support

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£6000 (+VAT)

20 half days support

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In this, our most popular workshop, students have to solve a crime using 21st Century Skills, Science, Mathematics and logical thinking. Working in teams they must collect evidence, analyse clues and create a written report as to their hypothesis, which they then share and discuss with the rest of the class.
Minecraft instantly engages students. The immersive experience helps students create and collaborate in support of their learning. Our Minecraft sessions can be tailored to meet your curriculum focus, be that creative writing or exploring a mathematical theory, the opportunities are endless. We use a specially adapted version of Minecraft (MinecraftEDU) which has been designed specifically for schools and teachers.

This workshop consists of 6 activities which are designed to challenge pupil’s understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students work in groups to solve an equation, program a Turtle, investigate a murder and much more.

If there is anything students love, its Robots. Our Robotics Workshop provides students with the opportunity to take control and program a range of robots to complete obstacle courses, solve mathematical challenges and cover elements of the computing curriculum, all in one activity.
Animation is great way to encourage literacy/writing, team work and the use of technology. The process requires pupils to apply a range of skills and can create quick results which have a quality outcome. This workshop can be built into a scheme of work where the teacher works with pupils to prepare stories, backdrops and characters prior to the workshop where we provide the knowledge and equipment to bring the animation to life.
Working with film is an excellent way to encourage writing. Our Green Screen Studio Days are perfect for teachers who want to work with the pupils creating storylines, scripts, character profiles and storyboards, but don’t have the knowledge or equipment to produce the end videos. This is where Tablet Academy can deliver a workshop where we combine all the skills learnt and work produced to create videos with Hollywood style affects.
We reckon learning to code could become as important as learning any other language. We work with pupils to develop their coding skills and show them where to go to develop further. Teachers also find this workshop a great source of knowledge and a way to gain professional development whilst teaching.

Not all schools can afford their own 3D printer but that doesn’t mean your pupils have to miss out on working with 3D models. During this workshop pupils work with Tablet Academy consultants to explore and create with 3D software before saving their work for printing. The models that are not produced on the day are produced off-site and delivered back to the school when complete.

Pupils have a lot of fun during our digital music workshops. Delivered by experienced musicians and producers, learners will discover how mobile devices and apps have transformed music production and allow anyone to create a top quality digital track with their smartphones/ tablets and not much else…except maybe an ear for a good tune.
We would be happy to work with you to develop your own Enrichment Day. All we need to know is the subject, age of pupils and required outcomes. Once we have these we will present our ideas for you to approve before the workshop takes place. Call 0141 404 0071 to discuss your ideas.

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CSi, STEM, Scratch, Kodu, Minecraft, Dash and Dot, Robots and drone programming, podcasting, blogging and web development, digital Leaders, digital music and movie-making, animations and much, much more…



Our professional development services for educators are delivered as practical, hands-on group training sessions, or one-to-one support (including peer-teaching.)


NB We also deliver online via webinar and shared collaborative space at much reduced costs or to supplement a face-to-face programme.

| Office 365 (Teams, OneDrive, Skype, SWAY, Office Online, OneNote)

| G Suite for Education (Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sites)

| iPad apps in the Classroom 

| Minecraft in Education

| CfE Technologies outcomes

| Robotics, coding and drones

| Using Technology to Support ASN Students

| Plus much, much more…


Curriculum for Excellence classroom

CfE offers a flexible framework for developing skills through innovative digital learning and teaching

Every single one of us at Tablet Academy is passionate about the innovative potential of Curriculum for Excellence and its focus on 21st Century skills. It is a curriculum that invites creativity from both teachers and learners and we believe strongly that the creative potential of mobile technology will be realised within the framework CfE provides.cfe logo

A curriculum for innovative teaching

CfE digital learning projects and BGE project-based learning solutions
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