May will see us launch our latest training centre at The Community school of Auchterarder. Training Centres are a brilliant solution to get your school staff trained to really embed this technology in their teaching practice and at a very very low cost because hosts get free places by inviting their local authority contacts and networks to attend.Auchterarder-Community-School

The host school is recognised and celebrated as a Tablet Academy Centre of Excellence and, even though the external visitors pay full whack, here are our course prices for them:

£60 for a three hour half day session

£99 for the full day sessions.

Because May offers increased flexibility (for secondary schools anyway) we saw it as a chance to offer a great collection of courses we are calling ‘The CfE sessions’ aimed at all teachers who can find their way to Auchterarder. Maps provided!

15dayscouponadWe will be relating this tablet training to practical classroom use and for immediate concerns like National 5 assessments and profiling as well as the principles and practice of CfE.

We have a super-smashing early bird discount offer of 10% off all bookings made between 1st April and 22nd May 2014

Just apply the code:


when registering for a course and your school will receive the discount on your place