prev_WIN13_Surface_05Microsoft Surface Mini
Microsoft seem to be upping their tablet game.  Their very own Surface device is rumoured to be so good that, if it were to take on the iPad Mini, with Retina display, in a fist fight they’d have good odds on winning.  The battle between iOS and Windows is about to get hotter.Whispers say it will be launched in the first half of 2014, and with Microsoft fitting nicely into most local authority IT infrastructures it’s a clear contender. We think Apple is aware of this too. Last time we checked, Apple stores were offering a special deal to the education sector: iPad mini, with retina display for £200.  This further reinforces our thoughts that the Surface Mini is worth a watching.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite
Samsung is getting in on the low budget act too ad is rumoured to launching its very own wallet-friendly tablet in January 2014.Gossip has it that it will be a more naked version of the Galaxy Tab 3 with a RRP of around £100 – which is pretty good if you ask us.

It’ll most definitely have fewer features than the Tab 3, and we’re pretty sure they’ll make compromises with the camera resolution, but that aside, we’re uber excited to see this mini tab will look like, especially as such a low cost option.

Tesco Hudl 2 – it’s coming to a store near you!

Tesco sold more than 35000 Hudl tablets (running on Android) in the first few days of its release, but the biggest shocker is that, last time we checked, they’d sold in excess of 300,000.

Its price of £119, accessibility, and the fact that it’s not too shabby, clearly made it a very attractive buy and we reckon a lot of kids woke up to a Hudl in their Christmas stockings. Yes we know you only got an orange and a selection box but times have changed.hudl

So, not content with those sales figures, the mega-store giants are already working on an upgrade: Hudl 2.

Phil Clarke, Tesco’s chief executive, hasn’t exposed any details on the device, except to say: “The new model will be an enhanced version.”

That’s great Phil, ‘Every Little Helps’

galaxy note12.2” Samsung Galaxy Note

And just as everything was going all mini on us, Samsung has high hopes that its 12(.2)” Galaxy Note will kick-off a whole new class of tablets. Bigger ones.  Samsung clearly has ambitions to realm into territories that will eventually see them replace laptops. We are not quite sure how this will work out for Samsung, however we are ever hopeful of detachable keyboards and snappy accessories.

Remember the critics’ cries when Samsung first launched the Samsung Galaxy Note?  They said it was far too big to use as a phone and far too small to make it as a tablet. The next thing we knew was that it was an astounding success and everyone else was joining in. Hats off to Samsung. Maybe they will make super-sized tablets the next big deal. Probably will be expensive, right enough.

Google Nexus 10Nexus Tablet Homescreen

Having launched the new Nexus 7 we haven’t heard anything much about a new Nexus 10 as yet.  We can only assume that we’ll see Google update its 10-inch tablet in 2014. The Google Nexus 7 is still an extremely popular device and side-by-side comparisons on places like Techrader have it as a much better option than the Samsung Galaxy for a host of reasons.  If this level of quality is maintained and all things are equal then the chances are a new and improved Nexus 10 might just blow our socks off in 2014.