Why Air Server is a must for the class room and business presentations

AirServer enables Windows users to wirelessly ‘mirror’ iPads and iPhones to their desktop/laptop computers. Like Reflector for Mac (and only for Mac, we may add) AirServer is software installed on a desktop or laptop that turns that computer into an AirPlay receiver without the need for Apple TV (£99). What that basically means is that whatever is on the iPads connected to it can be shared with the interactive whiteboard or display.

 No more being ‘rooted’ by cables

It’s a struggle trying to stand in the one place, tethered to a cable as you present with your iPad. Imagine having the freedom to walk around the room whilst controlling your screen presentations? We’ve been doing this for a while with Apple TV and we cannot begin to tell you how liberating it is.

 No apps to install

The best bit is that there is no requirement to install applications on your iPhone or iPad because AirPlay mirroring is a standard feature for most devices; it’s built into the iOS of all devices, with the exception of 1st generation.

Here’s how to get started

To get started is easy. All you have to do is install AirServer on a Mac or PC and make sure that all the devices you want to connect to it are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then just double-click the ‘home’ button on your device and swipe right until you see the AirPlay icon – it looks kind of like a pyramid watching TV. Tap the icon and choose your computer from the list, then swipe ‘mirroring’ to ‘on’. All audio and video from your iPad or iPhone will be routed to your Mac or PC.

Benefits to the classroom

The benefits: it allows teachers/presenters to show their iPad’s screen on a larger computer screen or on the many interactive white boards used by the vast majority of teachers today. And, because AirPlay is built into most iPads and iPhones, learners can also instantly mirror their device and showcase their work with the rest of the class. Magic.

Keep an eye on your pupils

But here’s the real magic. Mirroring with Airserver gives you the ability to monitor, real-time, what students are doing on their devices; AirSever allows multiple iPads and iPhones to mirror all at once to one computer. Every time a device mirrors it shrinks the others on the computer’s screen to make room. Now, you undoubtedly won’t want to mirror a whole class set of iPads, but we bet you there will be plenty of times when you might just want to see what your pupils are up to.

Why not Reflector?

A lot of people we’ve spoken to seem to prefer AirServer to the aforementioned Reflector, mostly because it seems not as buggy and it scales very well and takes up the entire screen. The image also appears a lot sharper than Reflector.  Wirelessly mirroring an iPad or iPhone has great benefits for both the teachers and the learners.  Technology at its simplest and at a very reasonable price too. Oh, and they offer a Free 7 day trial…

Sounds good to us.

Check out the Airserver site for more details