Get a great deal and help the environment by re-using iPads and tablets

We are delighted to announce that we are now working with one of the UK’s leading names in electronic device collections. We have access to live lists of re-useable iPads and tablets from the company responsible for a number of major corporate/ branded collections programmes. We are in the early stages of this partnership but are planning to integrate their stock lists into our website as a fully-fledged online store. You can make substantial savings and feel good about the fact that you are making a valid contribution to the environment by re-using recycled devices.

What does this mean?

It means that customers have upgraded their tablets to the latest model and traded-in their old ones. The company we have partnered with are then responsible for the checking, grading and re-selling of all this stock and that means that fully-working devices are now available to you. They are graded A-D for condition but all are fully-working and will be delivered to you in boxed condition ready for re-use in your school/ organisation.

More devices for your money

The savings to you are substantial when compared to new products. Let’s take the iPad as an example.The iPad 2 is a popular choice with schools and businesses looking to save against the very latest models and get more devices for their money. We can offer great prices on re-usable stock that pass on even more of a saving to you and allow to get even more devices when budgets are tight. We have iPad 2 and iPad3 16gb models in stock now for around £170-£240 respectively.

Massive savings on bigger storage modelsre-use

New prices on 32gb and 64gb tablets are significantly higher than the base 16gb models. We have current, live prices of less than £250 for the iPad 2 with a massive 64gb storage with the iPad 3 coming in at just a few pounds more. Smaller storage is maybe fine for home use and fully-fledged 1:1 schemes with Wifi and cloud storage as a genuine option but most schools and public-sector organisations are not at that stage just yet. This places a much greater reliance on the internal storage of the iPad or tablet and it makes the 32gb and 64gb offerings a better option for situations where cloud storage isn’t yet an option.

recyclegradesBut are they in decent condition?

All tablets are in fully-working condition ready to begin the next stage in their life-cycle. The grading system refers to external condition only and means scratches and dents in the casing and on the screen. Grade A models are virtually like new and have probably spent their lives so far in cases and with screen protectors. Grade B devices may have a few light scratches on the back cover or screen with Grades C and D just meaning those scratches and the occasional small dent get slightly more noticeable.


We can ship significant stock on a huge range of iPads and tablets, with thousands available right now across all operating systems. If you want to go really cheap we have huge stock on less expensive Android models that would come in under £100 per device, making 1:1 a real option.

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