G Suite comes to Glow

brilliant news for schools in Scotland

Scotland’s schools will soon be able to access Google’s G Suite through Glow. We think that’s a good news story worth sharing.


Scottish Government announced recently that it is securing the services of Google’s G Suite for the next five years as part of the Glow Scotland range of digital services to education. This will see schools across Scotland given access to G Suite with their Glow username and password. Microsoft’s Office 365 will continue to be available in this joint procurement that makes both products available to schools via the Glow launchpad.



Develop your digital classroom

G Suite's range of apps make it easy for your class to work together online

So what exactly is G Suite?

G Suite is a set of cloud services: apps/software and storage that is online rather than on a computer. The advantage of everything being in ‘the cloud’ is of course that you can access everything from wherever you are, whenever you want to and from whichever device you choose.

Collaboration is easy when we work together online

Google Drive is your online storage so you can access files from anywhere. Teachers can issue and grade assignments online with Google Classroom and give feedback on presentations, spreadsheets and documents via Google Docs. This all works on any mobile device or computer and happens live and in real-time so that learners and teachers can work together wherever and whenever they need to. 



Mail, Calendar, Vault, Sites, Hangouts and Chat

GMail and Calendar helps keep everyone organised with Vault to backup and keep for your records. Google Sites enable teachers and learners to create websites for projects, classes and parental involvement. They can use Hangouts for face to face meetings online via webcam and chats to share updates and exchange messages.

Why is this exciting for schools in Scotland?

G Suite just might be so easy and reliable that it has the kind of whole-school impact we want

G Suite is having a major impact on schools and education around the world. Google has been the leading provider of digital education products like this for some time, with other providers quickly emulating their strategy in designing tools around education specifically.

Google Classroom was the first of its kind and Google Forms was truly revolutionary when it launched as an online service many years ago. The tools are tried and tested and they have been developed with a strong focus on user feedback from education users around the world.

Some secondary schools we are working with were spending 20k plus/year on photocopying notes

With G Suite all resources can be stored in the cloud and accessible from pupils' devices from anywhere and anytime. That's a 20k/year saving and a more effective way to provide learning resources.

Why not get in touch to discuss support options for G Suite?

We have support packages starting from £2000/year that focus on providing sustainable solutions to developing digital skills in pupils and staff. Buy as a school or a cluster/learning community and let’s do something with impact.

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