Exam Time


So exam time is here – whether it’s English, Maths, Spanish or Science – this app is sure to help a lot of learners prepare.

Voice recorder‘AudioNote Lite – Notepad and Voice Recorder’ is such a useful tool and a must to help with preparing for those pending exams.  You could use the voice recorder or digital notepad tool, or even combine both.  20726159_sThe voice recorder is great as you don’t need to worry about taking endless notes and it would be a great way of adding key points to listen to later.

The notepad is very useful too.  One feature we really like is the drawings and graphs feature for those visual learners with a photographic memory.

Shape 133No exams?  No problem!

Why not try it out in the office for meetings, interviews, discussions or even make your shopping list with it.  You’ll be hitting the aisles in technology-style.

Free app (AudioNote Lite) is in the app store now, available on all platforms, and as we would expect, comes with limits.  The recording facility is limited to 5 minutes per audio note.  Upgrade to ‘AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder’ for unlimited recording.  Available in the app store (£3.99).

‘Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.’

Smash it!