Is your school still issuing paper newsletters? They take time, right? Read on to find out about better options.

Paper newsletters aren’t easy. No wonder you only issue them once a term! You have to ask people for images and text and you always have headaches with layout as you insert them into your document alongside some clipart and fancy text headings? What if there were an easier way? What if there were a better way?


Paper newsletters are expensive and ineffective


Let’s face it. The paper newsletters you took so much time and effort over probably end up crumpled at the bottom of schoolbags. The costs add up too with all that colour ink and paper to pay for. You can add some photos and text to convey the life of your school but there’s so much going on that it’s difficult to fit it all into an A4 sheet.


Digital newsletters are free and easy to share


With digital newsletters there are no costs at all in production and issuing to parents. None. There are free apps and tools that make it easy to make pull them together and share them with anyone by sending out a sharing link


Staff teams can work together to put content straight in


Digital newsletters are collaborative and staff can work together in real time to contribute their input and build the newsletter together. This isn’t one person’s struggle anymore and there’s no limit to the amount of content you can include because it all has to fit on an A4 sheet.


Digital means audio and video and HD images


With digital newsletters you can share voices and movement and laughter and cheers. Surely that’s a better way to share the life of your school? You can have video clips of your football team winning the match. You can have audio interviews with the pupil council and staff members launching new projects.


Newsletter images are bright and crisp and clear when viewed on an HD screen. Can you imagine what they look like on crumpled paper unearthed from the bottom of a bag alongside yesterday’s uneaten banana?


You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make them look amazing


Digital apps just keep getting better and better and one issue their producers have recognised is that not everyone is a designer. We are seeing more and more tools that solve that problem. These apps handle the fonts and the layouts for you so that you really can’t mess them up and they look incredible on any device. Nothing is skewed or pixelated or out of alignment and your newsletter looks like it’s been designed by a pro.


You can also search for videos, images and graphics from within the apps so it’s unbelievably easy to pull together content: either your own videos from your website, Youtube channel or Twitter feed or online images that people have shared for use.


Your can even ensure you stay on the right side of copyright law by only searching for Creative Commons images that are okay for anyone to use or share.



So what apps/ tools would we recommend?


While there are lots of different ways to produce an online newsletter, we have two standout apps that are worthy of mention: Adobe Spark Page and Microsoft Sway. They are both slightly different and we’d say Adobe Spark is a bit easier to get to grips with but Sway probably offers more options.


Here’s a newsletter we made in Adobe Spark Page:

Here’s a great video from Microsoft about creating a school newsletter in Sway:


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