One thing that has always been important to me is how digital education resources look. Throughout my teaching career and in my time at Education Scotland this was something I became passionate about: high quality digital media that looks professional and engaging. It wasn’t always something that people agreed with me on but I think it is becoming increasingly important.

Our learners are used to high quality digital media. Instagram photos are beautiful and apps that are the most engaging are visually stunning. They share visuals across social networks and engage with content that is visually appealing. We all do.

Why still clip art and comic sans?

We still see clip-art and comic sans as the go to images and fonts for far too many education resources. It doesn’t need to be that way. And we don’t need to be trained graphic designers either.


canva_fb_coverAnyone can design stunning visuals

A development I welcome in this regard is the variety of apps and digital tools that enable the average person to create high quality visual content. We highlighted Canva as one such tool in this recent post. The appeal of Canva is that it super easy to learn and offers stunning, professional results for infographics, digital publications and social network images.




Pablo by Buffer is another such tool. And the real beauty is that it’s even easier and offers a really quick way to create high quality digital content. Under 30 seconds is a wild claim but absolutely spot on. It has saved us tons of time!


There is a focus on social networks, with different templates offered for the square shapes of Instagram, landscape banners for Facebook and Twitter etc etc. It also allows us to schedule tweets and posts from within the app.

Image Library and simple edits

Screenshot 2016-02-12 14.31.37Pablo comes with a searchable image library (or upload your own) and offers three simple effects for the images you choose: blur, contrast or black and white. Adding text on top of the pictures is super easy too and, again, options are very limited, which means it is unbelievably quick and easy to work with. There is even a ‘quote’ feature which suggests inspirational type quotes by real people and adds to your image automatically. Awesome.

Don’t want to use the image on social networks?

No problem. We created the featured image on this post and downloaded it to use in our blog post. We added a background image from the library, added our logo and one of their suggested quotes. And all in under 30 seconds. There’s a neat Chrome extension for Pablo too.