This week’s app for #appyfriday is absolutely spiffing. Think Like Churchill is an app developed by Touchpress and it truly is jolly good stuff. The app allows users to journey through an animated world that depicts the life of Winston Churchill and make decisions based upon real events he experienced.

The whole app is narrated by Boris Johnston. This surprised us at first until we learned that City of London’s mayor is a long-time fan and Churchill expert. He offers his voice throughout and actually brings the app alive with essential historical context and biographical facts.

The app takes you through a time-line of events in the life of Winston Churchill, starting from his life as a young man of 18 in 1893 right up until the D day landings in 1944.  The app takes you through some of Churchill’s most difficult predicaments, easing you in gently then building you up to some of the most historical decisions he made in World history.

Users can access Churchill’s own thoughts and writings and see the advice his friends and colleagues gave him. There is even rare archive material, including photographs, letters, intelligence reports and briefing documents, making the app shine as a historical learning opportunity.


It is much more than a history app


The animated story board structure equips the learner with information to encourage critical thinking and decision making skills. The primary object of the app is to analyse how you arrived at your decision and to see how it compared to the actual decision made by Churchill’s – and most importantly, why he made it.

Each decision is scored in an in-depth analysis from expert psychologist on: humility, judgement, awareness, self-belief and belief in others.

The data is there for you to improve your own decision-making skills and to see if you Think Like Churchill

Perfect for starter lessons, encouraging critical thinking and improving decision making skills on the subject of one of Britain’s most dynamic statesman.


This app is only available for IOS as yet and costs £2.49. Worth every penny, as far as we are concerned.