Grandma’s Preschool

Brought to you by Fairlady Media, this is a fun app for young learners to explore. It is easy to navigate and full of fun activities for youngsters to enjoy, and learn along the way.

Grandma’s Preschool gives young learners an interactive game experience, it also teaches them numbers, shapes, letters and fun activities.  From numbers, shapes and letters to educational video snippets, it is a good way for young users to develop those basic skills.  Grandma’s Preschool is full of fun and activities that will have young learners attention from the beginning.IMG_0911

Set in a classroom, it’s bright and colourful graphics make it an appealing app but the content will definitely keep the little one’s busy.

Despite the ‘Americanisms’, I have no doubt that they will be able to navigate their way from one activity to another and enjoy all the content along the way.

Available on iOs and affordably priced @ £2.29