Mystery Math Town – Fun Maths Practice!

7829890_sThis app is a fav at Tablet Academy Sc HQ.  A multi level maths app – only available for iPad.

The purpose of the app is to rescue fireflies that are hidden in the Mystery Math Town.

Maths skills at the ready… Unlock rooms and passages as you go on a journey and earn talking portraits for your Gallery along the way – the pictures of the colourful townspeople all have a story to tell in this town, with plenty to say.

This apps is great for developing strategy and critical thinking skills, using addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The good thing about this app is that you can have multiple accounts and it customises your game for each individual level. Great for helping you develop maths thought by building equations and not just tapping the answer.

This really is a fun game that immerses learners in the game experience.


It’s only £2.29 and only available on iPad.  If you can get over that then you’ll appreciate that it enables you to develop your maths skills.

Come on do the maths, £2.29 won’t break the bank. give it a go.  For a more detailed tutorial have a look at this you tube link.