Welcome to our first #appyfriday post.

It was undoubtedly going to have some pressures, being the first and all, but we think you’ll LOVE it, especially if you have young kids/pupils.

There are millions of apps out there and an ever- growing list of those that claim to be essential must-haves for our early learners. This isn’t even an app that has been one of our core few when we do iPad and tablet training but we think we’ve nailed it with this our first #appyfriday choice. agnitusIf you haven’t seen it already, say hello to Agnitus.

Agnitus is an uber-cool and fantastically-functional app for early years.

The peeps at Agnitus, believe that children are naturally creative, and learn through play by seeing, touching, hearing, and doing.  So, with that in mind, they have created a piece of software that gives you all the tools and games you’ll ever need to provide a rich source of tangible activities to help young learners build fundamental learning skills.

Video introduction from the development team

But why is this one so good?

Okay, so we know as well as you guys do that there’s a ton of apps out there for kids.  However, this is the first one we’ve seen that engages kids in learning through play so coherently.  It is well-designed and works as a whole platform for learning across fundamental areas, rather than a one-off game that isn’t related to skills/learning. It also provides parental feedback and progress reports on the games that the child plays, in a kind of report card style so parents and teachers can see what they are doing well with and the areas that need more practice.

The educational content is flawlessly mixed in with fun, making it easy to see why children love to play these games so much.  And, the parental feedback is so precise that it’s easy to see why parents are encouraging learning via Agnitus.

One of our very youngest Digital Ninjas enjoying some learning fun with Agnitus

The app is free, but to get access to the learning activities you have to pay around £5 per month or a one off £50 that will give you access forever, and ever and ever.

Sign up for a free trial here