Microsoft offer

Welcome to the Microsoft Windows 8 FREE tablet training booking page.

This form is for Microsoft partners offering schools a days free training from the Tablet Academy when purchasing 20 devices, or three days free training when purchasing 50 devices.

Schools are entitled to choose a full day or 2 half-days of training funded by Microsoft for every 20 Windows 8 devices, or 3 full days/6 half days for every 50 purchased. The details of the courses available are outlined in the PDF download here.

It is the responsibility of the sales partner dealing with the school direct to complete the form below to allow schools to redeem there training. Failure to supply all information may result in the schools missing out.

Once the form here is submitted the Tablet Academy will contact the school direct to make arrangements.

Please note all training must be booked and delivered by the 1st April 2014.