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Got some iPads or tablets?

Embedding a new technology into a school or organisation is always challenging. Our experience shows us that the key to ensuring the new equipment is utilised to its full potential is to empower staff with the knowledge and confidence to use it.

ipadsurfaceIt’s not just about buying devices

We are already speaking to a growing number of schools and businesses who tell us that initial enthusiasm has led to some spending on devices. That’s brilliant. But these same folks are also telling us that, in the most part,  people don’t tend to know how to change their working practice to make full use of the iPad/tablet’s features.

This is why the Tablet Academy courses are designed to show staff how to use iPads/tablets in the classroom or business context and not just how to use the technology in general.

Tablet training scotland

Get in touch today and we will work with you to make your digital plans reality.

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Strategic Consultation & Planning

Led by Professor Steve Molyneux, we are a team of well known and respected independent consultants in the use of learning technologies to support education and training both across the UK and internationally.


Wondering which tablets to deploy?

Being independent and not directly associated with any individual supplier allows us to work with you to explore a range of providers to ensure you get the most suitable solution for you and your organisation’s existing infrastructure.

Daily Rate £650.00 (+VAT)

Get in touch today and we will work with you to make your digital plans reality.