FREE digital skills workshops for Scottish Education with Google’s Applied Digital Skills programme in partnership with Tablet Academy Scotland

These FULLY FUNDED in-school workshops are available for 2019/20 throughout Scotland.

It’s up to you how we run them as long as certain funding requirements are met. Because supply cover and time is an issue, we recommend that staff attend with their classes.

Tablet Academy has partnered with Google to offer fully-funded workshops to schools and education designed to develop digital skills for learning, life and work/employability.


Class workshops for Scottish schools, colleges and CLD programmes with Tablet Academy Scotland and Google

Five one-hour sessions delivered to classes throughout the day introducing the Digital Skills programme to teachers and students.

£ Free


Do you want to empower your staff and learners to make the most of the digital world and develop real skills with practical, hands-on activities?


Or why not host a Digital learning Festival and invite your learning community partners along?

A Learning Festival is an opportunity to bring teachers and students from nearby schools together to observe how the Applied Digital Skills could benefit their students. 

£ Free


Google’s Applied Digital Skills can be delivered in various ways to suit your needs

a free project-based curriculum that can be delivered fully-funded in several ways to suit your needs

Student Workshop

A Student Workshop takes place over a full day consisting of 5 one-hour sessions supporting 5 separate teachers, each with 20-30 students.

The facilitator will introduce the platform to the teacher and students, demonstrate the features and how to get started, then while the students are working on their first project, talk the teacher through the available teacher options for assigning work, marking and adding feedback.

Funding Criteria: At least 100 students aged 11-19 and 5 teachers

Staff Workshop

A half-day session supporting 20-30 teachers with an overview of the programme, how to use the platform and experience of completing some of the included lessons. 

This workshop could consist of teachers from one single school or college, or a combination of teachers from different organisations across a local authority or Regional Improvement Collaborative.

Funding Criteria: At least 20 teachers attending a half-day session

Learning Festival

A Learning Festival is an opportunity to bring teachers and students from nearby schools together to observe how the Applied Digital Skills could benefit their students.

The day includes 2 half-day sessions at one school or venue. Each session accommodates 6 groups of 1 or 2 teachers and 5 students. Teachers support students  in a carousel of bite-sized activities based on the Applied Digital Skills curriculum.

Funding Criteria: At least 10 schools with 1 teacher and 5 students


Google’s Applied Digital Skills programme is a free project-based curriculum that allows teachers and key workers to support their students to learn valuable digital skills and for young people to independently improve their employability, all in an easy to use platform. All lessons are accompanied by a series of engaging videos with clear instructions and ready-to-use templates.


The Applied Digital Skills programme is great for secondary students, further education and adult learners. As the lessons cover a wide range of real-life applications, they can be adapted by teachers of any subject to be used to embed digital literacy into their lessons. Comprehensive and engaging videos allow non-specialists to deliver digital-based lessons with minimal effort.


Free on-site training for staff and students, just choose the format suitable for your school.

Access to the Applied Digital Skills platform allowing teachers to add students, assign work and track progress.

More than 90 hours of video-based lessons including:

  • If-Then Adventure Stories
  • Technology, Ethics, and Security
  • Plan an Event
  • Technology’s Role in Current Events
  • Create a CV
  • Manage a Project with Digital Tools
  • Program a Progress Bar
  • Negotiate Your Salary

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