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Everyone sees the potential of this digital stuff

We are hearing more and more of businesses and public-sector organisations recognising the benefits tablets can bring and buying some for staff. They could revolutionise the way hospitals access patient files and allow fire service mobile access to important safety information. Police officers could be making their electronic case notes straight onto a tablet instead of in little black notebooks that need typed up when they’re back at the station.

ipadsurfaceWill this really happen?

Of course it will happen. It’s already starting to happen. The problem just now is that not everyone has the confidence or expertise to adapt existing work to take full-advantage of these digital devices. Those same friends and colleagues are telling us about iPads and tablets that are being used to minimum effect, often as shiny web browsers rather than something truly revolutionary.

iPad training scotland

wedosocialsmallWe can help

We can offer support tailored to your business’ or organisation’s needs. We have access to skilled digital expertise from many different backgrounds: teachers, health professionals, business boffins, emergency services, AV installations experts, web designers, graphic designers.

Think of us as your digital best mates. We will show you apps that do things you would never have thought possible and take your business forward with digital technology in a way that benefits your needs. We will help you to embed tablets or social media in your everyday working practice and we will provide you with a digital vision that harnesses the full capabilities of the latest technologies and app developments.

Digital film-making and You Tube/social media channel integration

We can arrange for promotional marketing filming and photography to enhance your online presence and boost your business by reaching customers in the places they hang out online. This is the 21st century leaflet drop and the return on investment is often very impressive.

Social media for business is a low-cost way of reaching your customers

We can setup Facebook and Twitter accounts for you and show you how to grow your networks in a way that is manageable. Aside from our consultancy fees, you will have a free way of promoting your business directly to its customers in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Just looking for some digital know-how?

No problem. We have a network of skilled expertise covering most digital/ technical issues

Get in touch today and we will work with you to make your digital plans reality.

An integrated digital solution

We have worked with a number of schools and businesses to develop their web sites to integrate social media sharing options and harness the full power of all their online strands. If you have an older website, you may wish to hire us for a digital makeover and integrate other social channels (like Facebook and Twitter) into your company website.

Where it all comes togethersocialshare

This way, you will have a central website with a built-in news/blog from which you can create your own special offers/content to share with your customers via social media channels and, most importantly, for your customers to share your offers and news with their online friends. This is how the full power of social sharing can really benefit your business: when you create content that is of interest to your followers and of such value that they will share it with their contacts.

Mobile and responsivemobileweb

Have you looked at your company’s existing website on a mobile phone or a tablet? How was that experience for you? If it wasn’t great for you, then it won’t be great for your customers and mobile devices are where people are accessing the web from today. According to a recent report by Morgan Stanley reported here by Mashable, mobile web access will be greater than desktop access by 2015. 

If your business website is not mobile-friendly then it’s not very friendly at all. We can design and develop a fully-responsive (meaning that it changes depending on the screen size being used to access it) website for your business that will provide a pleasing experience for your customers whether they are on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Device Agnostic Consultancy and Training

Being independent and not directly associated with any individual supplier allows us to work with you to explore a range of providers to ensure you get the most suitable solution for you and your organisation.

We can offer the design, delivery and installation of bespoke educational and business solutions based on all mobile technologies. Such solutions can range from simple use of devices in the classroom or for accessing workplace documents, to complete mobile solutions including the deployment, management, financing and staff training strategy. Our network of highly skilled trainers can also offer training on the full range of tablets from introduction courses to workplace specific business based training.

Tablet training scotland

Get in touch today and we will work with you to make your digital plans reality.

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