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Our aim is to support education institutions to transform learning and teaching and revolutionise the way they work by embracing the opportunities mobile and digital technologies offer.

The pace of change has been rapid and it is clear that we were unable to predict just how transformative mobile devices and cloud services would be. Schools need help.

The world is facing a digital skills crisis and schools will need considerable support over the coming years if we are to meet the demands of the jobs market in developing digital skills in our current and future workforce.


Our wider team includes over 25 experienced educators including SEN and curriculum specialists.

pamipadPam Currie

CEO (Scotland)

Pam’s vision for Tablet Academy Scotland has always been to provide first class digital learning and teaching support and innovative learning experiences that have impact. Never a fan of one-off CPD sessions, we did them in the early days but Pam always said that she wanted to find a better way. Our Ask Projects and Digital Ninjas work has become that better way. In classes and around schools on a regular basis, they see us support schools in and outwith the classroom, working with learners to give them challenges and real life projects and collaborating with them online to deliver. “Look guys. It’s going to be more like work than school doing this project” Pam will say to the excited young Ninja teams ready to take on development projects.  The kids love our Pam and their teachers are always delighted to see them so engaged in learning and keen to solve problems and help each other. The educators are delighted to take a supportive role and get hands-on, in-practice CPD without the need to find supply cover or time to try things out later. It just works. pam@tablet-academy.com

cazipad.fwCarole Harper

Director (Scotland)

Caz has an infectious laugh and an awesome smile and is naturally and inherently a people person. Enjoying excellent relationships with clients and co-workers alike, her personality allows her to get the best for her clients and partners. She’ll be the one who will go the extra mile to keep everyone smiling. But smiles aside, Carole has over 10 years experience working in the private sector managing sales and business development for one of Scotland’s fastest growing companies.

Carole has used her experience to manage all aspects of opening of Tablet Academy Scotland and continues to be involved in the day to day running of the company.



Jen McKay

Digital Learning Specialist (Scotland)

We are delighted to welcome the lovely Jen McKay to our team in Scotland. Jen has an enthusiasm for children and young people and a passion for making things work and getting things done. Jen has worked in education for 26 years where she started out teaching in a primary school in East Lothian. Having been asked to be the ‘ICT Coordinator’ for the school, Jen developed a passion for technology and using it to enhance children’s learning. This passion saw Jen taking on the first ICT Development Officer role in East Lothian working with early years, primary and additional support needs bases. More recently she was working on Glow as a Development Officer, a role which allowed Jen to work across Scotland helping enhance teaching and learning for both practitioners and young people. Laterly, in Education Scotland, Jen worked in the Digital Learning and Teaching Team managing Glow TV and ePortfolio implementation in Scottish schools. Welcome to the team, Jen. It is already brilliant to be working with you.




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