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Green screen studio workshop for primary and early secondary learners. Fun and engaging session for staff and learners to experience together. Provides lasting impact for schools by sharing a variety of ideas for chroma key use in a school setting and recommendations for equipment, apps and further work.



What will we do?

Learn the basic principles of green-screening and video fx with this hands-on lab. What is chroma-keying anyway? And what happens if someone wears green? Well, you’ll find out with this fun workshop that blends story development, learning and technology in a way that truly engages children and young people. Introducing green-screen techniques and developing literacy skills, this lab will give teachers and learners a fun introduction to chroma-keying and how it can be used in the classroom in a wide variety of ways.

Who is it for?

The workshop is best suited to primary and early secondary aged children and will be adapted to suit the age and stage of those involved. You just tell us the target age of pupils to be involved and we will do the rest.

What equipment do we need?

Internet-enabled devices for all students involved. Paired work is fine. We will bring everything else along on the day and our instructors will leave you with a clear idea of what equipment, apps and software you might want to invest in going forward.

Do we need to pay online or do you accept invoices?

We know that not everyone has access to a company/school credit card. That’s why you can add all of our products to your cart and select INVOICE payment at checkout stage. We do the rest and will be in touch for invoice payment soon after.

Additional information

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