Project YouTube


This project sees our staff in your school for eight half days. We work in classes supporting staff and pupils to develop digital learning videos and animations for a school YouTube channel which we launch to school community at project end.


8 half days of our in-class support

This project sees our staff working with classes in your school for a half day per week over eight weeks. We work in classes with pupils and staff working together with our team to achieve results on a real-world project:

the creation and management of a school YouTube channel with learning video content from all classes involved.


How it works- focused on attainment


We work with staff and pupils to identify important aspects of learning for their class

 We support pupils to use apps and digital tools to create videos that explain these key aspects of learning

 The pupils who make the videos will deepen their learning by making the explaining videos and teaching the concepts they have learned

 The videos are shared on a school YouTube channel for the whole learning community to access from anywhere, thus supporting learning from home on an ongoing basis.

 Pupils and staff develop digital skills in creating the content and learning about managing a YouTube channel

 We involve parents in the project to deepen links between learning and home


How it works- managed like a real life work project to develop skills for life and work


We run this project like a real-life work project using recognised Agile project management strategies and design-thinking strategies to deliver our end product.

Pupils are given active learning challenges and supported to deliver their contribution. All learners achieve.

Project is managed via a shared online project space so that everyone involved can see how the project is progressing and check-off the backlog list when tasks are undertaken.


How it works- one class or group as ‘Digital Ninjas’ to lead project


We will be working in multiple classes but recommend one vertical pupil group or class is identified as digital leaders for the project. We call them Digital Ninjas and they get badges and lanyards to identify themselves.

The Digital Ninjas will take overall responsibility for project management and supporting other classes by offering in-class help or lunchtime/after-school sessions for parents/community as well as other pupils and staff.


CPD with impact

We think in-class work is much more powerful than after-school CPD sessions because staff are learning on the job and we are making a difference in real time, with an end product to show for our efforts.

Includes after-school staff CPD


We do recognise that some staff will welcome after-school sessions so this includes one 40 minute after school staff session at end of an afternoon school session.

Sustainable approach


Working with classes is sustainable because we train large numbers of pupils and staff with a common purpose that they will be able to take forward and continue to develop long after our staff have left.

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