Going Google with Glow

Scotland's schools will soon be able to access Google's G Suite through Glow. We think that's a good news story worth sharing.   Scottish Government announced recently that it is securing the services of Google's G Suite for the next five years as part of...

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Digital School Newsletters

Digital School Newsletters

Is your school still issuing paper newsletters? They take time, right? Read on to find out about better options. Paper newsletters aren't easy. No wonder you only issue them once a term! You have to ask people for images and text and you always have...

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Glow and the First Minister’s Reading Challenge-THURSDAY 15:00PM

Using Minecraft in Education-THURSDAY- 12:30PM

Find out more about the First Minister's Reading Challenge and how to engage young people in reading. This interactive, hands-on Chromebook  session using Glow and RM Books will explore literacy and reading support avail;able through Glow. RM Education Education...

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